One of the special facilities of the resource center in the school is the:


Each student has access to a modern computer unit and receives expert instruction during curricular time.

Computer courses are offered our JS III and senior students to aid them with adequate resourcefulness to compete with the present computer age.

The laboratory can also be used for individual assignments and research utilizing the electronic access in the adjacent library. The computer facilities lend itself to extra curricular use in the computer club.

The resource center is actually a multi-media library equipped with a catalogued range of books and learning materials, including technological aids, together with the workshops and the laboratories, it stands out as the academic nerve center of the school.


The library stocks over 7000 volumes and its continuously being updated and extended.

The collection contains texts in all the disciplines taught in the school, as well as magazine and journals with relevance to the curriculum. Supplementary materials and novels are also in good supply.

Housed in an adjacent spacious room is the computer suit, which is available for staff and students to use in both curricular and extra-curricular time.