The School is headed by a Principal who is assisted by a Vice- Principal (Academics), two Head of Sections (Upper and Lower), a Student Affairs Officer, and the Heads of Departments. Together with the Senior Management Team, they oversee the day- to- day running of the school.

All academic staff at El-Amin are subject graduates with the additional education diploma statutory for working in a secondary school. In addition, most have gained their Masters degrees in their different specialisms.

The non-academic staff, are a range of specialist responsible for the care provision of matrons and patrons, maintenance, catering, medical, administrative and finance, sanitary and laundry, security, transport, and the school Imam

Policy formulation and administrative procedures are the responsibility of the school’s Management Board.

Emphasis is laid on professionalism, and our culture and values are embedded in the expectations of all staff using our staff handbook.