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  • History
    Founded in September 1995, EL-AMIN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (Secondary), evolved as a direct response and a natural progression from the primary school. The Primary/Nursery school was established  in 1993, and its aim was to provide first rate early education for our children. Within three years of establishment, parents and pupils began to urge management to introduce a secondary section to complement the excellent provision at the primary level. The thought of leaving the EL-AMIN school system to continue elsewhere was not a pleasant prospect for most of the parents, who had become accustomed to the quality of provision in the Primary school. Thus, as the third set of students moved into their final year, it was decided that a secondary school should be established as a result of our contribution to the total development of the child and his or her place in society. EL-AIS is located in the delightful central savannah belt of Nigeria, Minna, Niger State. It is sited on over 10 hectares of land and houses the primary and secondary schools with different access points. It is accessible by road or by air, as the airport in Minna is operational. The establishment of EL-AMIN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (Secondary) in September 1995 was a product of direct response and natural progression from its precursor, the primary school that was set up two years before, in 1993. The brimming success of the primary school within three years of its operation served as a catalyst to the starting of its secondary. El-Amin educates children from across Nigeria and promotes respect for cultural and religious values. We offer both National and International examinations namely WAEC, NECO, JAMB, IGCSE, Checkpoint (Primary and Secondary). Extra curricular activities range from clubs and society, sports and skills acquisition. We hope our website provides you with the necessary information required and do not hesitate to contact us for further information.