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Executive Director

  • Executive Director
    Although the journey so far has been smooth, we have had to navigate through some very strong currents. These have become ceaseless and typify the maxim that the road to success is always under construction. It is certainly undeniable that Dr. (Mrs.) Maryam Babangida left a very big shoe to be filled, particularly by me upon whom the mantle fell as the overseer of EL-AIS. Yes, the task seemed daunting, particularly because it has to do with the very delicate job of moulding the heart and mind of these very impressionable but paradoxically highly opinionated children of the 21st century. Our efforts have been paying off and we all have the Almighty God to thank for His abundant grace. I am quite happy that the members of staff caught on very quickly to our brand of the Transformation Agenda and have done a good job translating and transfusing it into our students. Management appreciates the members of staff for the one hundred percent pass our final-year students have continued to record at the WAEC-SSCE over the last few years. These were the first indication that the Transformation Agenda had taken effect. While we are using the foundation laid by Dr. (Mrs.) Maryam Babangida as our ground for take-off, we are resolved not to be limited but to soar like the eagle and expand with a depth like the ocean.