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  • Boarding Experience
    Pastoral care is a priority in EL-AIS. Our dedicated team of hostel coordinators headed by the Student Affairs Officer (SAO) all work together to make sure that the young people in our care are not only healthy but happy, and they enjoy an enriching and secure environment. We encourage the development of our student’s psychomotor domain through our Saturday skills-acquisition program and extra curricular activities. We promote our cultural values and traditions whilst developing good character, moral values, and mental alertness in our students. We have introduced the Physical, Social, Emotional, and Economic (PSHE) program of study into our curriculum. This is aimed at provided an avenue to develop other skills and knowledge relating to economic well- being; personal and physical development and embedding positive social relationships amongst their peers with an awareness of social media and its impact of safety on young adults.  

    Meet the Team

    The Pastoral Team comprises of the duty team who are academic staff responsible for the daily management of the school and supported by members of the Senior Management team. The hostel staff comprises of 3 matrons and 3 patrons who reside permanently with the students in their various hostels. Additionally, form teachers take a lead role in the pastoral care provided and teach Physical, Social, Health Education in Junior School while in Senior School focus on economic well-being, and support on careers and guidance.