Students are only admitted to enter the JS1 and transfer cases between JS2 SS2(if there are spaces). An EL-AIS application form is purchased and needs to be completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian of the candidate. Entry is through competitive examinations held at the school premises in Minna, Niger State and other designated centres.

Conditions of Acceptance at El-AIS

ENROLMENT ACCEPTANCE FEE: On enrolment, a payment of an approved amount is required to reserve a place for the student.

STUDENTS PERSONAL ACCOUNT: A personal account will be opened with the school for each student and must be replenished regularly. Charges against this account are pocket money, special laundry, incidental expenses, special medical and other miscellaneous expenses.

WITHDRAWAL: EL-AIS reserve the right to demand the withdrawal of a student whose presence is deemed harmful to himself/herself, other students/staff and/or to the community as a whole. In cases of expulsion and voluntary withdrawal, the term started must be paid in full. Fees paid are not refundable except otherwise stated.

METHOD OF PAYMENT: A bank draft or a bank transfer is the ONLY method of payment in advance of the start of an academic session or term.

TUITION: All regular instructional fees, classroom supplies and laboratory charges are included in the termly fees.

BOARDING: This includes dormitory facilities, sporting facilities, and co-curricular activities.

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