The curriculum embraces all aspects of personal growth: aesthetic, creativity, social and moral development,  spiritual growth, and student well-being. Our students have consistently achieved excellent academic result in the junior and senior school certificate examinations conducted by the West African examination council (WAEC) and the National Examination Council (NECO), respectively and will continue to do so.  In addition, all our students take the Edexcel Examination as the International, General Certificate of Secondary Education (I.G.C.S.E).

Student follow the Nigerian curriculum in the Junior Secondary Scho

Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Basic Science, Home Economic, IRS/CRS, Agricultural Science, French, Hausa, Civic ol and the Achievement Tests in Mathematics, English and Science at International level accredited by EDEXCEL. The the


following subjects are taught in the Junior School:

Education, Basic Technology, Business, Studies, ICT, PHE, Visual Arts and Music.

In the Senior School student take 10 subjects with the following as compulsory

Mathematics, English Language, A Science, Civic Education,

Other subjects are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Tourism, Agricultural Science, Economics, Commerce, Visual Arts, Food and Nutrition, French, Hausa, IRS/CRS, Technical Drawing Computer Studies for WAEC and ICT for IGCSE, Animal Husbandry English Literature, Geography, Government and Further Mathematics.


Students are entered for 5 subjects at IGCSE, 8 in NECO and 9 in WAEC with Mathematics and English Language and ICT as compulsory.

Parents recognized that EL-AIS provides a unique blend of formal education, with an uncompromising emphasis on cultured behaviour, respect for tradition and the inculcation of communal spirit.